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jueves, octubre 3

SeeMe. Octubre Exhibition.

Este sábado estaré celebrando en Lanzarote el cumple de una buenísima amiga. Mientras tanto, más allá del charco Atlántico, se proyectará en un rascacielos y luego en una pantalla gigante algo de mi trabajo fotográfico. Estoy Privadita y por otro lado, Desconsoladita.
Como decía Doña Pepi: Dios no desampara a quien cría... Con la esperanza de que algún día pueda ir hasta allá, me quedo.
Team See
Hi pepa,
We're gearing up for the big Creatives Rising event on Saturday, featuring inspiring artwork of See.Me members, including YOU! Your artwork will be projected onto a massive skyscraper. It will also be viewable on flatscreen monitors in the See.Me Exhibition Space.
Your image is scheduled to be projected on the skyscraper at 8:23.
Please note, this is an approximate time. Plan to get there at least 10-15 minutes beforehand, and keep in mind that your image may not appear for up to 10-15 minutes after your allotted time.
Images will appear in alphabetical order by last name. Over the course of the event, each artist's image will appear once on the skyscraper. Inside the See.Me Exhibition Space, your image will be shown on the following screen:  Screen 3
The screens in the See.Me Exhibition Space will also be showing artwork in alphabetical order by last name. These screens will be on a one-hour loop (approximately).

martes, septiembre 17

SeeMe. Octubre Exhibition

Hi, pepa!
Congratulations on being included in our upcoming Creatives Rising show! Your work will be featured in New York City on October 5th along with other inspiring artists from around the globe in an exciting display of art. In the coming weeks, we will be sending you more information about the event.
In the meantime, we are pulling images to include in the show. Each participant will have one work projected, along with a title card bearing their name. We will use the first image element in your profile as of Thursday September 19th. Whatever is the first image at the top of your profile on Septmber 19th is what will appear in the exhibition. Your name will also be pulled from your profile.
This is the first image in your profile (as of a few days ago):

This is the name in your profile (as of a few days ago):
pepa Glez
If this is the image and name you'd like to include, you don't need to do anything further.
If you'd like us to use a different image, simply rearrange your main See.Me profile and make sure the image you'd like to include is the top image in your profile.
Your See.Me profile is here:
The image at the top of your profile on September 19th will be displayed on October 5th in New York.
Congratulations again! We're excited to have your work included in this massive celebration of our amazing members.
Yours sincerely,
The See.Me Community Team

-->" target="_blank">Las fotografías de Pepa González llegarán a la Gran Manzana

Martes, 17 Septiembre 2013
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